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Sylvester A. Mernikum died 9 June 2015.

Sylvester came to the Boxill family in 1994. He was born in Denmark in 1988 and moved as a 3 year old to Sweden.  His father is the famous Schwadroneur.
Sylvester is a danish warmblooded pony. He was supposed to be a horse but never grew above 148cm.
Last updated on: 13 June, 2015
My pedigreeMy pedigree
My pedigreeMy pedigreeMy pedigree
My pedigreeMy pedigreeMy pedigreeMy pedigree
My pedigreeMy pedigreeMy pedigree
My pedigreeMy pedigree
My pedigree
My pedigreeMy pedigree
Sylvester A. Mernikum
Schwadroneur, DH
Arogno, TRAK
Schwalbenburg, TRAK
Schwedengruss, DH
Emma, DS
Sif, DS
Allegro, DH
Schwedenreise, TRAK
Kunzit, TRAK
Schwalbenlied, TRAK
Ibikus, DH
Arcticonius, XX
Flaneur, TRAK
My Pedigree:
Designed by Boxill
Me & Camilla jumping
Me & Caroline at European Championship
Most of my life has been dedicated to dressage - but Camilla and I did some jumping in the period between 2002 & 2003. I am 4 times Norwegian Pony Champion in dressage, 2 times Oslo Horse Show Champion and have competed in the Norwegian Championship 10 times. I am now (2015) retired!! - and enjoying life..but I am still very fit and have regulary training and have started some LB dressage competitions in 2010 - 11!
Grandchildren Lulu (7) & Josefine (4) are my riders!!
Me & Martine at Nes, Jeløy
My father - Schwadroneur -  died suddenly on 20 nov. 2003. Read  more...